Space Hulk Gantry Room: rules and board piece

Introduced with the Duty and Honour Space Hulk campaign back in second edition, this room was like nothing ever seen before. Here's the room and its rules to use in your own missions.

The gantry room

Let me say I did not create this file. I found it online and I'm sharing it.
I can only imagine the work that went into actually creating it. I'm grateful to the gamer that took the time to make this and share it with the rest of us.

Gantry room special rules

Here are the special rules for the room from the original White Dwarf. Feel free to use the ones you want when including this room in your own missions.

  • At the end of any close combat fought in the Gantry Room, the remaining model (or both in the case of a draw) rolls a D6. On a roll of 1, the model has lost its footing and plummets to its death!
  • A model cannot move diagonally across the corners of the Gantry Room.
  • A model in a doorway cannot see the corner squares on their own end of the room.
  • All flamer counters on the gantry square are removed at the end of the Space Marine turn, even if there are two or more counters on one square. There is nothing to keep the fire burning. (1)

  • The Genestealer entry point in the Gantry Room is the square directly opposite the gantry square that sticks out over the drop. (2)
  • If a Space Marine is in the Gantry Room at the start of the Genestealer turn, the Genestealer reinforcements must lurk for 1 turn. Any blip entering play must be converted and the Genestealers must enter at the entry point, one at a time. Any models from the same blip that cannot enter in the same turn are lost. (2)

(1) This rule mentions more than one flamer counter on a square. This is from the second edition heavy flamer rules. The key point is that flames are not a persistent effect in this room.

I recommend using these blast rules, they make for a much better game. 

(2) These rules apply to the Genestealer entry point in the room as they're found in the original White Dwarf Duty and Honour missions. In this case, you may opt to use these or not depending on how it fits in with your mission.
Download the gantry room board piece and rules

Download the gantry room rules (PDF)

Using the gantry room in your missions

It doesn't take much to insert this room into a mission. It can get tricky depending on how close adjacent corridors are. It's usually as easy as removing a few board sections and inserting this room in their place. Sometimes you need a small corridor section to make up the difference on one side or the other.

If you do put this room into a mission, it can be a big hurdle for the Space Marine player. Keep that in mind since it might require some other minor adjustments to the mission to keep things balanced.