How to fit even more back into the Space Hulk box

The first mission every Space Hulk player faces is getting everything back in the box after taking it all out for the first time. Here's how I solved that problem.

Figuring out how to get everything back in the box

I knew I wasn't going the route of the foam insert things.
Not because they're bad. I think they're a great solution. I have no doubt they protect all the pieces far better than what I've built here. 

The problem is I have way more stuff that needs to go back in the box.
The inserts just aren't designed for that.

For example, I have a handful of additional board sections, extra pieces like airducts, crates, barrels and rubble markers, a bunch more blips and a few more objects (besides the ones that come in the box).

I'm also using 10 regular Space Marine Terminators, a Librarian (all with interchangeable arms), a Magus and all my Genestealers are from first edition.

I still want to add a handful of Hybrids to my collection and fit them in there too.

Building my own storage system

Realizing the foam inserts weren't going to work, I set out to build my own version. 

I started out with foam padding. I found it took up too much space in the box and was way too flimsy to support the weight of all the pieces. That's when I switched to building with foam core board.

What I gained additional space and stability, I lost in protection. Foam core board isn't nearly as soft and protective as the nice spongy foam inserts. I did the best I could by making sure things were packed fairly tight and didn't have much room to roll around.

Except for the Genestealers. They're just tossed in there.

I've been using this system for a few years now and haven't had any issues with models getting damaged. 

The one thing I didn't make room for in my box

The official Rulebook and Mission book.

It's not a big deal to toss the official books into the top of my box.
Nothing needs to be changed. When I do, they add a tiny bit of height to the overall profile and the box top sits a fraction of an inch higher, but it's not an issue.

I prefer to keep all my Space Hulk notes and missions in one big binder. I have extensive notes on rule changes and playtesting and like to keep it all in one place. 

What you'll need to build this system

  • A sheet of foam core board (you might want to have two pieces)
  • Tape (I used clear packing tape)
  • X-Acto knife (make sure you have a few new blades)
  • Ruler (preferably a metal one you can use to cut against)

You really don't need much to do this project.
It's just going to take some time and a bit of patience.

Three important notes about this project.

1. All of the measurements are what I call, "close enough."
Measurements are in inches and they are not exact. The heights are accurate, but the widths may vary slightly.
When building your system, you'll need to double check and make sure your measurements fit what you have in front of you. I suggest you do lots of test fitting before taping a divider in place.

2. Change whatever you want and configure your system in a way that fits your needs.
I built this to hold the specific items I have. Your system may end up looking completely different than mine.

3. The use of tape for attaching all the dividers.
The main reason for this was the ability to remove the entire system should the need arise in the future. You could easily do this project with glue and probably get a better permanent result. 

I've actually gone back over time and made adjustments to some dividers to fit more stuff in my box.

Here you can see how I taped the corners of the top tray. I'm not sure I can fit much more in here though.

The three steps to building this system

  • The first step is to build and attach the dividers for the lower compartment.
  • The second step is to cut out the floor piece for the top tray.
  • The third step is to build and attach the dividers to the floor piece of the top tray.

Let's look at each step and the measurements for the dividers.
I'll show you what game pieces go where as well.

1. Building and attaching the dividers in the lower compartment.

The dividers that make up the lower compartment are attached to the box itself. 
Lower compartment dividers are 1.5 inches tall.

The measurements in red are the lengths of the actual dividers. The purple measurements indicate the space between the dividers with the line indicating the direction measured. All measurements are inches. 

2. Cut out the floor piece for the top tray.

Once you have the floor piece for the top tray cut out, you can cut out a small notch along the short edge to allow you to pick it up from the box. You may have to adjust the position of the notch depending on how you configure your top dividers.

Since I built a box on the left side of my top tray, I only cut a notch on the right side. When I go to lift the top tray out of the box, I use the notch on the right and grab the divider on the left.

3. Building and attaching the dividers to the floor piece of the top tray.

These dividers are attached directly to the floor piece from step 2.
Top tray dividers are 2.0 inches tall.

This box is the basic starting point. It allows you to put all your models on the left side and all your larger board sections (rooms) on the right hand side. You'll need to configure the dividers inside the box to suit the miniatures you have. Mine has been divided up to hold the Terminator models I have.

The important question: What goes where in the box?

Since there's so much in here, I'll go over each individual section and list the pieces.
Keep in mind some of the pieces I list below are not included in the basic game.

In the top I have all my Marines (including Librarian and Chaplain) along with all their magnetized arms, Genestealers (including Broodlord and Magus), a handful of dice, Overwatch and On Guard chips and psychic bubble on the left. On the right I have all my larger rooms and corridors. The Space Marine mission status display is at the bottom of that pile.

This section holds a bunch of additional board pieces from other missions, all my standard Genestealers blips (1,2 and 3), the turbo lift thing, the crossroad intersections, the 4-square corridors and my large heavy flamer blast templates (12 of them on thinner cardstock).

This section holds all the doors, airducts, pitfalls, ladders and breach counters.

This section holds additional blips (0,4,5 and 6, Hybrids and Ambush), all the entry point markers and command board chips, plasma grenade markers, jammed door and bulkhead markers and all my objects.
Beneath this section, you can see the all the bases to the doors in their own section in the bottom left corner of the box.

This section holds the rounded dead end corridors, 1 and 2-square corridors and a generator (another object).

The last section holds all the 3 and 5-square corridors, t-intersections and corners, the two boarding torpedoes with ramps, the squared off dead end corridors and both disposal chutes.

That's everything and more back in the original box

If you have the basic pieces and aren't looking to add any more, you may not need to go this far. The foam inserts may be perfect for you.

If you're like me and have a ton of junk you need to store, this might be the solution you're looking for. 
It takes a little bit of work to cut out all the dividers and tape them in place, but it's well worth it.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll do my best to explain it better.