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Welcome to yet another blog about Space Hulk
Welcome to Boarding Mission, a small blog focused on modeling, painting and playing Space Hulk. Born out of the idea that my friend and I should share all the cool stuff we've come up with playing Space Hulk over the past year, I created this page to start sharing what we've done with the game.

Having rediscovered the fun in Space Hulk this past year, we set out to play as often as we could. We decided we'd start with all the missions in the book. You know, play the whole campaign from start to finish. It didn't take long to figure out we wanted to start changing things to suit our gaming style.

How we got here (creating this blog)
He suggested we post our "rules" online so others could see what were up to. At first, I was against the idea... I've already done the whole blogging thing thank you very much. But then I began to think about it. A small site like this could help others with the game and maybe be a way for us to share our ideas and pick up some new ones at the same time. Part of this is selfishly motivated as well, the feedback we get will help us with new ideas and potential improvements we might want to try out. I'd be lying if I said we came up with all our changes on our own.

We've both spent a good deal of time online looking through sites at what others have done to see what changes we could try out. That combined with playing the game has only gotten us so far.

So what can you expect to find here
And that brings us to where we are today. We have a good bit of information to share and I'll be writing it up and posting it here for you all to see. It's nothing earth shattering. Your basic fare really.

1. A few glamour shots of our armies. I play Deathwing and my friend plays Salamanders (I don't judge him though). We both have some additional forces because we all know one army is never enough. With that will be the obligatory "how to paint" so you can see how we painted up our respective forces.

2. Initially there will be a few posts that discuss how we got to the rules changes we made. Often you just see the end result without ever seeing the work or thoughts that went into getting to that end result. We'll break down each rule change and explain the why behind the decisions we made and how we got there.

3. And last but not least, we'll post our complete set of rules changes (that can be easily downloaded) once I get them typed up. We'll keep it updated as we change things too. It's an ongoing process as we get better both at playing and understanding what rules we want to change and what rules we don't want to disturb.

So if you have a specific item from the list over on the left you'd like to see covered first, drop me an email and let me know. Otherwise we're going to get working through the changes as we made them to the game and start posting what we have.

Thanks for stopping by, subscribe and keep in touch!
We'd love to hear what you're doing with Space Hulk.